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Support us ❤️

By purchasing an official Deauther, you help us continue this project 😊.

D1 Mini Deauther

Spacehuhn D1 Mini Deauther

The original high-quality D1 Mini board in a lovely 3D printed case flashed with the ESP8266 Deauther firmware.


Maltronics Deauther

Maltronics WiFi Deauther

The Maltronics Deauther comes in a sleek metallic silver case, offers both USB-C and USB-A, and has an RGB LED.


DSTIKE Deauther

DSTIKE Deauthers

DSTIKE offers a variety of Deauther products, including the famous Deauther Watch.




You can find many other Deauthers online too. Those, however, are not officially supported and do not contribute to the development of this project!

Please do not support people whose entire business is built upon taking advantage of open-source projects.

If you want to save money, I recommend you build one yourself! You only need an ESP8266 Development board, a USB cable, and a computer. See supported devices for details.