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Installation (Arduino IDE)


If you're looking for a more straightforward installation method, follow the .bin file tutorial.

Download DeautherDownload Arduino IDE
  1. Extract the ESP8266 Deauther zip you downloaded
  2. Go into the esp8266_deauther folder and open esp8266_deauther.ino with Arduino IDE
  3. In Arduino IDE, go to File > Preferences and add this URL to the Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  4. Now go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager, search deauther, and install Deauther ESP8266 Boards
  5. Select your board at Tools > Board and be sure it is at Deauther ESP8266 Boards (and not at ESP8266 Modules)!
  6. Plugin your Deauther and select its COM port at Tools > Port
  7. Optional: To reset/override previous settings select Tools > Erase Flash > All Flash Contents
  8. Press upload

Done 🎉

Animation showing how to reset Deauther by reflashing it via Arduino IDE